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Statement on Department’s Commitment to Openness and Inclusion

Faculty Search: African Art History

Professors Copeland and Thompson interviewed on "Afrotropes" in the journal October

Christina Kiaer’s co-curated exhibition Revolution Every Day reviewed in the Chicago Tribune

Stephen Eisenman's Blake in the Age of Aquarius named one of the Top Art Books of 2017 by the New York Times

This one-day symposium features graduate papers and a keynote lecture broadly examining the politics and aesthetics of artistic labor. Papers span geographic and chronological bounds, exploring the historical links between art and work as concepts and forms of social activity. Jasper Bernes will give a keynote lecture at 5:30 at Harris Hall, Room 108, 1881 Sheridan Road.
This presentation looks at objects and inventories from the great pilgrimage church on Italy's southeast coast, and probes the ways in which San Nicola's holdings were (re)conceptualized over the course of seven decades. What features of an object were deemed salient, and why? What can shifting taxonomies tell us about visual culture in this contested and multicultural milieu?