Current Students

Emilie Boone
Photography; Art of the African Diaspora

Alison Boyd
Twentieth-Century Art; Art of the United States; African Diaspora; Politics of Display; Feminist Art History

Antawan Byrd
Modern and Contemporary Art of Africa and the African Diaspora

Emma Chubb
Contemporary Art; Art of the Middle East/North Africa

Grace Deveney

Ashley Dunn
Nineteenth-Century Art; Drawings/Prints/Works on Paper

Anna Dumont
Modern Art and Feminist Art History

Sarah Estrela

Douglas Gabriel
Modern/Contemporary Art; Art Theory

Laurel Garber

Faye Gleisser
Performance Studies/Installation/Environmental Art; Visual Studies/Critical Theory/Gender Studies

Stephanie Glickman
Renaissance/Baroque Art

Xinran Guo

Brynn Hatton
World Art; Twentieth-Century Art

Adrienn Kácsor
Modern/Contemporary European Art

Tamar Kharatishvili

Ka Ming Kevin Lam

Jacob Henry Leveton
18th-/Early 19th-Century British Art; Methods and Historiography of Art History

Rachel Levy
Buddhist Art of South Asia and the Himalayas

Thomas Love
Contemporary Art

C.C. McKee
19th & 20th Century Transatlantic Art and Visual Culture

Nicholas Miller

Scott David Miller
Late Medieval Art

Aisha Motlani
Nineteenth-Century European Art

John Murphy
19th Century European Art

Catherine Olien 
Greek/Roman Art; Egyptian/Ancient Near Eastern Art

Julia Oswald
Early Medieval/Romanesque/Gothic Art; Renaissance/Baroque Art

Sandra Racek
Early Modern Europe

Erin Reitz
Modern and Contemporary Art

Alissa Schapiro
Modern/American Art

Talia Shabtay
Contemporary Art

Rory Sykes
Art of the Middle East/North Africa; Contemporary Art

Kathleen Tahk
Twentieth-Century Art

Michael Westfall
Modern and Contemporary Art

Emily Wood
Art of Early Modern Spain and Italy

Xiao Yang
Chinese Art History


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Wednesday, February 24, 20165:00 PM - 6:30 PM
2015-16 Elizabeth and Todd Warnock Lecture Series: Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen)

Thursday, February 25, 201612:00 PM - 1:30 PM
2015-16 Elizabeth and Todd Warnock Undergraduate Seminar: Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen)

Thursday, April 14, 20164:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Myers Symposium: New Studies in Islamic Painting

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