Current Students

Elizabeth Benjamin
19th Century French Painting

Emilie Boone
African American Art

Alison Boyd
Modern and Contemporary European & American Art

Antawan Byrd
Modern and Contemporary Art of Africa and the African Diaspora

Emma Chubb
Modern and Contemporary Art

Grace Deveney

Ashley Dunn
19th Century French Visual Culture

Douglas Gabriel
Modern/Contemporary Art; Art Theory

Faye Gleisser
Modern and Contemporary Art

Stephanie Glickman
Northern Renaissance/Baroque

Xinran Guo

Brynn Hatton
Modern and Contemporary Art

Tera Lee Hedrick
Byzantine Art

Adrienn Kácsor
Modern/Contemporary European Art

Ka Ming Kevin Lam

Jacob Henry Leveton
18th-/Early 19th-Century British Art; Methods and Historiography of Art History

Rachel Levy
Buddhist Art of South Asia and the Himalayas

Thomas Love
Contemporary Art

C.C. McKee
19th & 20th Century Transatlantic Art and Visual Culture

Nicholas Miller

Scott David Miller
Late Medieval Art

Aisha Motlani
Nineteenth-Century European Art

John Murphy
19th Century European Art

Catherine Olien 
Ancient Greek & Ancient Near Eastern Art

Julia Oswald
Late Medieval and Early Modern European

Sandra Racek
Early Modern Europe

Erin Reitz
Modern and Contemporary Art

Alissa Schapiro
Modern/American Art

Talia Shabtay
Contemporary Art

Rory Sykes

Kathleen Tahk
20th Century Art and Design

Maureen Warren
Early Modern Art

Michael Westfall
Modern and Contemporary Art

Emily Wood
Art of Early Modern Spain and Italy

Xiao Yang
Chinese Art History


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