Course Offerings

2016-2017 Course Offerings

Art History offerings for the 2016-2017 school year are tentative and subject to change without notice.

Fall 2017

Course Number Course Title Instructor Day/Time
ART_HIST 101 First-Year Seminar Clayson TR 11:00-12:20
ART_HIST 224 Introduction to Ancient Art Gunter TR 11:00-12:20
ART_HIST 255 Introduction to Modernism Kiaer MW 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 320-3 Medieval Art III: Gothic Normore TR 9:30-10:50
ART_HIST 330-3 Global Early Modern Art and Architecture Swan TR 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 350-1 19th-Century Art I Clayson, Eisenman, VanZanten MW 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 375/ HUM 225/ COMM_STU 298-0-2 Media Theory Hodge MW 2-3:20
ART_HIST 390-0-1/ HUM 370-6 New Media Art Hodge MW 9:30-10:50
ART_HIST 390-0-2 Materiality of Art and Archeology Walton MW 2-3:20

Winter 2017

Course Number Course Title Instructor Day/Time
ART_HIST 101-6 First Year Seminar: Wall of Respect and Chicago’s Mural Movement Zorach TR 11:00-12:20
ART_HIST 240 Introduction to Asian Art Hu TR 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 350-2 19th Century Art II Clayson, Eisenman, Van Zanten MW 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 389 Studies in Middle East and North Africa: History and Fantasy in Islamic Painting Moor TR 2:00-3:20
ART_HIST 390 Undergraduate Seminar: Expanding Medieval: West Africa’s Age of Empires and the Trans-Saharan Trade Normore, Berzock W 2-5
ART_HIST 391 Undergraduate Methods Seminar Copeland F 10-12:50
ART_HIST 390 / HUM 370-4-2 Undergraduate Seminar: Archaeology and Nationalism Gunter TR 11:00-12:20

Spring 2017

Course Number Course Title Instructor Day/Time
ART_HIST 235 Introduction to Latin American Art Escobar TR 11:00-12:20
ART_HIST 250 Introduction to European Art: Early Modern Swan MW 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 319 / HUM 370-4 Special Topics in Ancient Art: Monsters, Art, and Civilization Gunter TR 9:30-10:50
ART_HIST 367 Special Topics in American Art: Remembering the Civil War Bell TR 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 369 / COMP_LIT 304-0-23

Special Topics in Contemporary Art: What is a Place? Art and the Spatial Imagination in the Contemporary Middle East

Feldman T 3-6
ART_HIST 379 Special Topics in Architecture: East Asian Architecture Hu TR 11:00-12:20
ART_HIST 390-1 / ENVR_POL 390-24 Undergraduate Seminar: Art, Ecology, and Politics Zorach R 2-5
ART_HIST 390-2 / HUM 370-6 Undergraduate Seminar: Picasso Kiaer MW 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 390-3 Undergraduate Seminar: Art of the Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughals Moor MW 2-3:20