The Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) is available to counsel students at all stages of their advancement in the program. First year students are advised by the DGS. Near the end of the first year, students select an advisor in their field, presumably the dissertation director. From this point forward, the advisor advises the student. The primary responsibility for satisfying the requirements of the Graduate School, however, remains with the individual student.

Director of Graduate Studies

Professor Christina Kiaer
1880 Campus Drive, Kresge Hall 4317

Members of the Committee on Graduate Affairs

Admissions Coordinator
Professor Hannah Feldman
1880 Campus Drive, Kresge Hall 4319

Graduate Placement Officer
Professor Huey Copeland
1880 Campus Drive, Kresge Hall 4325

TA Liaison
Krista Thompson
1880 Campus Drive, Kresge Hall 4335

Additional Advising Resources

Graduate Student Progress Form (DOC)

The Graduate School Academic Student Services