Alexandra Novozhenova

Degrees: Specialitet in Art History, Moscow State Lomonosov University, 2007.


In her studies, Alexandra is mostly focusing on the Soviet avante-garde theories and methodologies as well as on the late modernist Soviet art discourses and their post-Soviet aftermath and recontextualization. After graduating from Moscow State Lomonosov University she was publishing and co-editing in a number of Russian art-media. She was also teaching in Moscow-based art institutions. Most recently she taught a practical seminar titled Introduction into profession-XXI century (2015-2016) in collabooration with artist Anastasia Ryabova, which was designed for art students at Rodchenko School of Multimedia art and Photography. The seminar addressed questions of contemporary artists’ position in relation to precarious labour, issues of professionalization and de-professionalization.