Course Offerings

2017-18 Course Offerings

Art History offerings for the 2017-18 school year are tentative and subject to change without notice.

Fall 2017

Course Number Course Title Instructor Day/Time
ART_HIST 101-6 First-Year Seminar: Art and Architecture in Chicago Swan MW 3:30-4:50
ART_HIST 232 Introduction to History of Architecture and Design Van Zanten MW 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 255 Introduction to Modernism Copeland TR 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 349 Special Topics in Baroque Art: European Architecture and Urbanism, 1600 to 1750 Escobar TR 11-12:20
ART_HIST 368 Studies in 20th Century Art: Art Against Empire in the 1960s Reitz MW 11-12:20
ART_HIST 389 Special Topics in Asian Art: Buddhist Art: Image and Ritual Linrothe MW 2-3:20
ART_HIST 390 Undergraduate Seminar: Goya and Blake (with ART_HIST 450) Eisenman F 2-5
Architecture: How It’s Done and Why We Do It in Modern Western
Van Zanten TR 3:30-4:50

Winter 2018

Course Number Course Title Instructor Day/Time
ART_HIST 101-6 First Year Seminar: Civil War Photography Bell TR 3:30-4:50
ART_HIST 240 Introduction to Asian Art Hu TR 11-12:20
ART_HIST 250 Introduction to European Art, Early Modern Swan MW 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 319 / HUM 370-4 Constructing Identity in the Ancient Mediterranean World Gunter TR 9:30-10:50
ART_HIST 340-2 Baroque Art: Early Modern Art and Science Swan TR 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 360-1 20th Century European Art (1900-WWII) Kiaer MW 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 365-2 American Art II: 1861-1968 Reitz MW 11-12:20
ART_HIST 390 Undergraduate Seminar: Social Histories of Photography Thompson TR 2-3:20
ART_HIST 391 Undergraduate Methods Seminar Hu F 1-3:50

Spring 2018

Course Number Course Title Instructor Day/Time
ART_HIST 222 African American Art History Thompson MW 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 260 Introduction to Contemporary Art Feldman TR 11-12:20
ART_HIST 350-1 19th Century Art: Late 18th Century-1848 Eisenman MW 11-12:20
ART_HIST 368 Art of the Russian Revolution Kiaer MW 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 379 East Asian Architecture Hu TR 9:30-10:50
ART_HIST 390 Undergraduate Seminar: Art and Empire in the Ancient Near East Gunter TR 12:30-1:50
ART_HIST 390 Undergraduate Seminar: Maps and the Early Modern Transatlantic World Escobar W 2-5
ART_HIST 395 Undergraduate Museums Seminar: Museums: Caravaggio (on-site at the Art Institute of Chicago) Long R 2-5